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All Star/Tournament Team Player Selection Process


12 year-old team (Sanctioned All-Star Team)
The 12 year-old team uses a ballot voting process to rank the players and select the team.

The ballots are voted on by three groups:
1) the players in Majors Division
2) the Managers in Majors Division
3) two rostered coaches from each team in Majors Division.

Each voter will select 15 players on the ballot. The voting will occur at the AJHS Little League field prior to the Memorial Day break. The ballots will be collected and counted by the President and Player Agent. Once the ballots are counted, the scores for each player are entered into a weighted formula giving the Managers’ votes the most emphasis. The top nine 12-year-old players will be placed onto All-Star team. The remaining players (3 to 5 depending on the size of the roster) will be selected by the All-Star Manager, provided they fall within the top 15 in the voting. The Manager will be privy to the ranking of the players for selection, although discretion is allowed to Manager. The intent of discretion will allow selection of a lower ranked player if that player fills a playing gap on the field that is not obtained with top 9 players (e.g. Catcher, Pitcher, etc). The goal of Aptos Little League is to assemble the most competitive All-Star team while balancing an All-Star opportunity for each playing age group.

11 year-old team (Sanctioned All-Star Team)
The process for the 11 year-old team is identical to the 12 year-old team, except this particular team will be comprised solely of league age 11  year old players in Majors.

10 year-old team (Sanctioned All-Star Team)
Similar to the 12 and 11-year-old teams, the 10 year-old team is assembled based on rankings. This team will be made of 10-year-old players from the AAA Division. The rankings of all 10-year-olds will be determined by the AAA Managers and assistant coaches only. These rankings will be submitted to the president and/or player agent who will average the rankings. Players ranked 1-9 will be placed onto All-Star team. The remaining 3-5 players will be selected by the All-Star Manager.

11’s, 12’s Ranking

-Majors managers rank 1-15, Manager weighted average is 55%

-Majors assistant coach’s (2 per team) rank 1-15, Assistant Coach weighted average is 35%

-Players rank 1-15, Player weighted average is 10%

10’s Rankings

AAA Managers rank 1-15, Manager weighted average 65%

AAA Assistant Coach’s (2 per team) rank 1-15, assistant coach weighted average 35%

Players combined total rank from 1-9 automatically make the roster.  The selected Allstar manager has discretion on choosing the remaining 3-5 players from the total rankings.  

Please note, 9 year old & 8 year old Teams, If Any, Will Be Unsanctioned. The Roster, if Any, Is Up To Aptos Little League Board Approved Selected Manager

If you have any questions about the All Star Process, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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